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Chris de Beer-Procter is a photographer and photojournalist with a Bachelors of Journalism from Rhodes University who specialises in documentary and portraiture. Chris has worked with brands such as Media24, Associated Media Publishing, OXFAM Germany, Sea Harvest and her work has been featured in The Atlantic Online, The Mail & Guardian, FAIRLADY Magazine, The Sunday Times Lifestyle and Marie Claire Online.
In her broader practice, Chris aims to focus on representation and power. She is often drawn to stories about those who have been historically underrepresented as she seeks to diversify the photographic archive and add complex portrayals of the human experience.  She is often compelled to tell stories about social justice, queer rights, women and disability rights.
She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Sociology part-time. Her thesis is a portraiture study exploring how the subversive power of photography can be used to create destigmatising representations of people with intellectual disabilities (PWID).  
Drawing on feminist disability studies, participatory action research and the photo voice method, she hopes to advocate for the active participation of PWID in their own representations and for responsible media-making that adds complex portrayals of PWID to the photographic archive. She is a recipient of a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and The Vera Grover Fund.